Prepare for a Supernatural Adventure: Get Ready for Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox Series X|S and PC Game Pass!

Ghostwire Tokyo Game Pass PC – Get Ready for a Supernatural Adventure

Are you a fan of supernatural adventures? Prepare for a thrilling experience when Ghostwire Tokyo comes to Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10/11 PC with Game Pass and PC Game Pass on April 12, 2023. Coinciding with the game’s release to Xbox platforms, Ghostwire Tokyo will be available for both Xbox and Windows PC through Game Pass. And, once the timed-exclusivity agreement with Sony comes to an end, it’d be great to see Ghostwire Tokyo added to the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Keep reading to find out more!

Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox and Game Pass Release Date

Developed by Tango Gameworks, Ghostwire Tokyo will be available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC through Xbox Game Pass on April 12th, 2023. Unfortunately, the game is a PS5 console exclusive, and is not included in PC Game Pass. However, the game can be purchased on Steam and Epic.

What is Ghostwire Tokyo?

Released in March 2022, Ghostwire Tokyo is an action-adventure game set in a world of supernatural forces and creatures. Players take the role of a protagonist who must investigate a mysterious series of disappearances that have taken place in Tokyo. As they investigate, they will uncover strange supernatural forces and powers and have to use them to fight against the evil that is lurking in the city. The game also includes an open world setting and a variety of missions, puzzles, and other activities to be explored.

What Can You Expect from Ghostwire Tokyo?

As you explore the world of Ghostwire Tokyo, you will encounter a variety of enemies, from human cultists to supernatural monsters. You will also have access to a variety of weapons and powers, such as magical bows and arrows and a variety of spells. As you progress through the game, you will be able to upgrade your weapons and powers, making them more powerful and more effective.

The game also features an extensive crafting system that allows you to create items and weapons that can help you in your mission. You can also upgrade your character with a variety of skills, such as martial arts and special powers.

Ghostwire Tokyo’s Visuals and Audio

The game’s visuals are stunning, with a vibrant and detailed city that appears alive. The game also features an immersive soundtrack, with haunting music and sound effects that help create an atmosphere of suspense and horror. The game also features a variety of voice actors, who bring the characters to life.

Ghostwire Tokyo’s Reception

When Ghostwire Tokyo was originally released, it was met with mixed reactions. Some praised the game for its unique setting and creative gameplay, while others were disappointed by its lack of depth and underwhelming story. Overall, the game was considered to be a good but not great experience.


Ghostwire Tokyo is a unique and intriguing action-adventure game that offers an immersive supernatural experience. With beautiful visuals and sound, a variety of enemies and weapons, and a crafting system, the game has something to offer for fans of the supernatural genre. If you’re looking for a new adventure, Ghostwire Tokyo should definitely be on your list!

Is Ghostwire: Tokyo available on Game Pass?

Ghostwire: Tokyo, developed by Tango Gameworks (which is owned by Microsoft) was released in late March 2022 on the PlayStation 5 and Windows PC. It was exclusive to PlayStation for a period of one year and will then be available on Xbox through Game Pass.

Is Ghostwire: Tokyo available for PC?

Ghostwire: Tokyo will be available to play on Xbox Series X|S with an Xbox Game Pass subscription and on Windows 10/11 PC with a PC Game Pass subscription on April 12th in conjunction with the launch of the Spider’s Thread update.

Is Game Pass compatible with PC?

You can get access to the Xbox Game Pass library on both your Windows 10 or 11 device and Xbox console by signing up for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Does Ghostwire cost anything to download on PC?

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Prelude is a free interactive story-based game that is a prelude to the events of the full game, which is available now on the Epic Games Store.

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