Know Gaming PC Weight: What You Need to Know

Gaming PC Weight: What You Need to Know

Are you looking to buy a gaming PC and want to know how much it weighs? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the average weight of gaming PCs, how certain components can affect the weight, and what to look for when buying a gaming PC. Keep reading to learn more about gaming PC weight.

Average Weight of a Gaming PC

The average weight of a gaming PC is around 20-40 pounds (9.07-18.14 kg). However, this weight can vary depending on the type of computer, its components, and how it’s configured. For a low end gaming/consumer machine, the weight is usually around 20-30 pounds. When you start talking about a full-size case, multiple GPUs, multiple hard drives, extra fans, and/or water cooling, the weight can quickly increase to the high end of the spectrum.

For a normal daily-use desktop, the average weight is between 20-30 lbs (9071 – 13607.8 grams). A high-end gaming desktop, on the other hand, can exceed 50 lbs (about 22679.6 grams). In some cases, a gaming PC can even be as heavy as 36 Kg (80 lbs.) or more. Of course, the weight of the PC varies from one to another.

Buying a Gaming PC

When buying a gaming PC, it is important to know the weight of the machine. Smaller cases are usually lighter and can weigh as little as 4 Kg (9 lbs.) with all the components included. Micro-ATX cases are an example of these types of cases. They usually weigh only about 4 Kg (9 lbs.) and, if you add a PSU, motherboard, CPU+cooler, storage, and graphics card, you can usually get it up to around 10-12 Kg (22-26 lbs.).

If you are looking for a larger case, the weight can increase significantly. For example, a full-size ATX case can weigh approximately 32 pounds (14.5 Kg). The dimensions of a full-size ATX case are also larger than a micro-ATX case: 19.6 inches in height, 8.4 inches in width, and 18.8 inches in depth.

Factors That Impact the Weight of a Gaming PC

When it comes to gaming PC weight, there are several factors that can impact the overall weight of the machine. The size of the case and its materials are two of the most important factors. Smaller cases, such as micro-ATX cases, usually weigh less than larger cases, such as full-size ATX cases. Additionally, cases made of lightweight materials, such as aluminum, are usually lighter than cases made of heavier materials, such as steel.

The components inside the case can also affect the weight of a gaming PC. If you are looking for a lightweight machine, opt for components that are lightweight as well. For example, you can choose a power supply that is efficient and lightweight. Additionally, you can choose a graphics card that is smaller and lighter, such as a mini-ITX graphics card. Finally, you can choose a CPU and cooler that are both lightweight.

The number of components in the PC can also impact the weight. For example, if you opt for a system with multiple GPUs, hard drives, and extra fans and/or water cooling, the weight of the PC will be significantly higher than a system with a single GPU, hard drive, and no extra fans or water cooling.


When it comes to gaming PC weight, there are several factors that can impact the overall weight. The size and materials of the case, the components inside the case, and the number of components can all affect the weight of the gaming PC. If you are looking for a lightweight machine, opt for a smaller case made of lightweight materials, choose components that are lightweight, and opt for fewer components.

We hope this article has helped you better understand gaming PC weight. With the right knowledge, you can find the perfect gaming PC for your needs. Good luck!

What is the reason for the weight of gaming PCs?

Is a 600 pound gaming PC a good investment?

Buying a PC for under $600 is a good option for entry-level gamers who want to run the latest games on higher settings without having to worry about multitasking like streaming while they play. This computer should also provide the opportunity to upgrade in the future.

What is the weight of a PC in kilograms?

The approximate weight of a PC could range from 4.5 kilograms to 13.6 kilograms (10 pounds to 30 pounds).

What are the dimensions of a typical gaming PC?

The measurements of the object are: 19.6 inches in height, 8.4 inches in width, 18.8 inches in depth, and 32 pounds in weight.

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