Get the Best Deals: Gaming PC for Veterans

Gaming PC for Veterans: How to Get the Best Deals

Veterans deserve the best deals when it comes to gaming PCs. After all, many of them have dedicated a part of their lives to serving their country and protecting our freedom. That’s why there are now several companies offering discounts on gaming PCs specifically for veterans.

GameStop Military Discount

GameStop, one of the largest retailers of new and used video games and more, has a brand new military discount. They are offering 10% off on all new video games, accessories, and more. This discount can be used on all gaming PCs, including gaming laptops and desktops.

Vetrofit Program

Vetrofit is a program developed by Stack Up, a charity that helps veterans and active duty members to connect with their peers and join in gaming experiences. Over the last four years, Stack Up has shipped about 90 fully-equipped gaming PCs to Veterans. This program creates custom gaming/streaming computers for disabled veterans and active duty members who are in need or lack the ability to join others in gaming.

Gigatech Gaming Discount

Gigatech Gaming is offering a 5% discount on all gaming desktops for veterans. Their CLX Set Intel Core i9 3.0GHz 32GB RAM GeForce RTX 4090 1TB SSD+4TB HDD Gaming PC is normally priced at $4,499.99, but veterans can get it for only $3,999.00. That’s a savings of $500.99 (11%)!

Other Ways to Save Money

Veterans can also look for other ways to save money on gaming PCs. Many companies offer discounts and special deals for veterans. It’s also worth looking at online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Newegg, which often have great deals on gaming PCs.

Tips for Buying a Gaming PC

When buying a gaming PC for veterans, it’s important to consider the hardware and software specs of the computer. Make sure it has enough RAM and storage space, a good graphics card, and a fast processor. It’s also important to check the warranty and customer service policies of the company you’re buying from.


Veterans can get great deals on gaming PCs by taking advantage of the discounts available from GameStop, Gigatech Gaming, and other companies. They should also look for special deals and offers from online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Newegg. Finally, they should make sure to check the hardware and software specs of their gaming PC, as well as the warranty and customer service policies.


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